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Hummus plant in Massachusetts given over $500,000.00 citation by OSHA for ignoring safety standards after worker death

Taunton, Massachusetts Hummus plant, Tribe Mediterranean Foods plant was fined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) over $540,000.00 after a worker’s death. According to the Boston Globe, in December of 2011, a factory worker at the plant lost his life in a horrific work related accident. Somehow, the factory worker became caught in slowly rotating 9 inch blades that are used to blend hummus.

This is another tragic example of a work related death that could have been prevented. The plant did not have a “Lock out / Tag out” procedure which is a standard safety practice that requires employees to be trained to cut power to industrial machinery before cleaning or servicing then. OSHA fined the plant over ½ million dollars and cited them for 18 violations including willfully ignoring three industry safety standards.

The 28 year old worker came from Puerto Rico to make his life better for himself and his 5 year old daughter. At the time of the accident, he was earning $12.00 an hour. His goal was to make enough money to buy a home. According to the Boston Globe report, the company who owned and managed the plant is a subsidiary of one of the largest food companies in Israel. Last year, they reported over $1.2 billion in revenue and over $109 million in profits. Marcy Goldstein-Gelb, the executive director of the Massachusetts coalition for occupational safety and health said some employers view the risk of work place penalties as “just a cost of doing business”.

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