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Massachusetts is behind other New England States when it comes to legislation banning hand held cell phone use while driving.

Massachusetts is one of the last New England states that still allows the use of hand held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.  On July 1st, 2015, New Hampshire joined several other northeast states including Connecticut, Vermont and New York to ban hand held cell phone use when driving.  These states do allow the use of hands free technology such as Bluetooth.

In Massachusetts, there is a law that bans texting while driving and bans the use of all cell phones whatsoever by junior operators 18 and younger.  Since 2010, Massachusetts have handed out approximately 15,000 citations for texting while driving.  The fines for texting while driving in Massachusetts can range from $100 to $500.

There are several bills that would require hands free cellphone use only while driving filed in the legislative session.  Unfortunately, there has been no word yet regarding when the bills will be heard.  There are many that agree with a hands free mandate in Massachusetts arguing the use of a hand held cell phone can be distracting to drivers and they will be more prone to cause an accident.  Proponents of the bill argue distracted drivers not only put their own safety at risk, they also risk other drivers and pedestrians in the State of Massachusetts.  In 2013, the Traffic Safety Administration reported $3,154 deaths in the US from crashes involving distracted drivers.

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