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Mine Explosion killed hundreds of workers in Turkey. This is another tragic example of work related deaths

Hundreds of Coal Miners are missing and feared dead after an underground explosion in a Coal Mine in Soma, Turkey. The official death toll from the disaster is 274 and is expected to rise. More than 200 miners are thought to still be trapped underground. Over 360 workers have been brought to safety. The explosion occurred in a power distribution unit.

Smoke continues to rise from the entrance of one tunnel and the fires are still burning from the explosion. There is intense carbon monoxide in the mines from the fires burning below. Rescue workers said even with a gas mask, it is hard to survive because when there is an explosion, the power goes off which causes the ventilation to break down. When the ventilation units malfunction, there is no air circulation to breathe.

This Mine blast lists among the deadliest mining disasters in the world over the last decade. It surpass the 2005 blast in China that killed 214 workers and the 2010 mine disaster in West Virginia that killed 29 US workers.

Unfortunately, all too often, there are tragic work related accidents that either kill workers or severely injure employees. Sometimes the work related accident is caused by another person’s negligence. These injuries cause a significant physical, mental and financial toll on employees and their families.

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