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Two workers are killed within a 6 month timespan at Amazon warehouses causing questions about employee safety

Two workers have died within a 6 month timeframe at Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The deaths are being investigated by the United States Department of Labor and raise concerns about the safety of Amazon’s employee’s at their warehouses. In December of 2013, a man was crushed to death after getting caught between a conveyer systems while sorting packages. A second worker was killed on June 1st, 2014 when she was using a power jack and boxes fell on her crushing her to death.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited five companies for violations at an Amazon facility located in New Jersey including a contractor responsible for the sorting operation as well as four agencies that placed temporary workers at the facility. Amazon is a Seattle based online retailer network of warehouses. The company has seen drastic increase in revenue and profits over the years. Amazon hires over 70,000 full time seasonal workers to fulfill orders during the holidays. These two worker deaths in recent months call into question Amazon’s safety standards of their warehouse workers.

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